Learn more about Jennifer Jones-Patulli

Founder, Productive Conflict LLC

 Learn more about Jennifer Jones-Patulli

Founder, Productive Conflict LLC

Jen Jones-Patulli, MA, HSDP,

is unique in her field.

She brings identity-based and integrative conflict management techniques together with power intelligence and complexity science models.

Jennifer Jones-Patulli is a conflict management and leadership development consultant.

Conflict as a Creative and Productive Force in Organizations

Early in her career, as a manager in a small construction business, she directly experienced how conflict could affect the bottom line. In her time there as a leader, she developed methods for ensuring clear communication between management and employees and increased profits by 1 million over four years.

Obsessed with transforming conflict into a productive force, she returned to university to complete a Master’s in Conflict Studies, specializing in identity-based conflict and integrative bargaining.

Upon graduation, she was selected from a highly competitive field to join the Canadian Federal Government at Public Works and Government Services Canada. While there, she worked on high-stakes procurement conflicts, policy implementation, and program development.

Building on her experience, she accepted a position with the Canada Border Services Agency, where she focused on workplace disputes ranging from interpersonal conflicts to high-stakes issues within a unionized environment. Jennifer used her expertise to resolve workplace conflicts and lead the national program.

Conflict is Not Just about Solving Problems, it is About Influencing Patterns

After a decade of mediating conflicts, Jennifer felt frustrated with traditional conflict resolution methods. Jennifer wanted to drive systemic change. She wasn’t aiming for just conflict competency; she was crafting a new kind of leadership that transformed conflict into an opportunity for growth and innovation.

She left government to work as a Consulting Associate at the Human Systems Dynamics Institute in Minneapolis, where she specialized in complexity thinking, and applied her skills to systems change work.

In 2019, she founded Productive Conflict LLC to bring complexity thinking, conflict resolution, and power dynamics together to teach clients how to set conditions for better collaboration, increased productivity, and improved organizational relationships.

Jennifer’s approach is innovative and creative. She believes complex challenges require an adaptive, interdisciplinary approach to achieve lasting results.


Jennifer is co-editor of The Essential Mary Parker Follett.

Author of Reconciling the Carrot and the Stick.

Contributing Researcher for Introduction to Conflict Studies.